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Spring-Ready Outdoor Spaces: A Handy Guide for Canadian Homeowners

Feb 9, 2024

As the last remnants of winter snow melt away, Canadian homeowners find themselves facing the task of preparing their outdoor spaces for spring. The icy claws of winter can leave your backyard, decks, and patios in a state of disrepair. However, with a bit of elbow grease and this comprehensive guide, you can restore your outdoor spaces to their former glory just in time for the warmer months.

Assessing Winter Damage

The first step towards getting your outdoors spring-ready is to assess the damage caused by the harsh Canadian winter. Check for cracks in the patio, loose boards on the deck, or damaged fences due to heavy snowfall. Look out for signs of frost heave, which can cause your garden paths or patio to buckle.

Landscaping and Garden Prep

After a long winter, your garden might look more like a barren wasteland than a lush oasis. Start by removing any dead plants, leaves, and other debris from your garden beds. Prune back any overgrown bushes or trees.

Next, turn your attention to the lawn. Rake up any leftover leaves to prevent mould and fungus growth. Aerate your lawn to allow water and nutrients to reach the roots easily.

Power Washing

Power washing is an effective way to clean your home’s exterior, deck, patio, and driveway. It helps remove dirt, mildew, and salt deposits left behind by winter. Remember to use a lower pressure setting for wooden surfaces to avoid damage.

Repairing Outdoor Fixtures

Winter can be hard on your outdoor fixtures. Inspect your deck for any loose or rotten boards and repair or replace them as needed. Check your fences for any damaged sections. Don’t forget to inspect your outdoor lighting fixtures for any necessary repairs or replacements.


Once you’ve prepped your garden beds, it’s time to add some colour. Spring is the perfect time to plant annuals and perennials that will bloom throughout the summer. Don’t forget to add a layer of mulch to help retain moisture and keep weeds at bay.

Restoring your outdoor spaces after winter can seem like a daunting task. But with these actionable tips, you can transform your backyard into a spring-ready oasis. Remember, if any task feels too overwhelming, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. At Serre-Vis, we offer a range of handyman services to help you get your home ready for spring. Contact us today to learn more.